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We are a friendly, on-line modelling group open to all age groups. We also arrange a small number of trips, meetings and workshops for our members and guests. The Joy of Sprue and the YVMG are for modellers who enjoy making plastic model kits or simply collect them. We also welcome those who prefer wood, card and other materials to work with; but whatever your hobby preference, this is a site for you to become part of and build on. Show your models in our gallery section. Ask questions or tell us about kits old and new. Swap and sell if you wish. Post your opinions or reviews - the possibilities are endless? Most importantly let's be a source of encouragement to others, young and less young and strive to keep our shared interest alive and always enjoyable.

Contact Emails: (JoS) joyofsprue@clubmember.org  (YVMG) yorkshireveterans-mg@outlook.com

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The Joy of Sprue is fully supportive of all veterans and those who support veterans of our armed forces, the police and emergency services. We sponsor the Yorkshire Veterans model Group and are proud to be associated with the Armed Forces Breakfast Clubs, Models for Heroes and other veteran supprt groups at home and abroad.


The Joy of Sprue engages with young people and young adults in an effort to bring the hobby to a much wider audience. It is incumbent on the Joy of Sprue to recognise its responsibilities in this role. All volunteers we would bring into contact with young people or young adults will be asked to agree to and provide an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly known as a Criminal Records Bureau verification) in advance of the event and produce this on demand.  (January 2019).


The Joy of Sprue is legally bound to inform members about information we may collect. Please refer to our 'Contact' section for full details (August 2018).



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Sometimes things go wrong, and your model receives an imperfect paint job. Don't worry, what seems like a failed model now will soon be ready for a new primer coat and the whole problem a distant memory! With Clean Slate 2.0 you will be able to easily remove paint on your model with absolutely zero damage to polystyrene. 


Cleans Slate is truly polystyrene friendly acrylic paint remover/stripper like no other. Parts may be in prolonged contact with it, you can soak them for days even. Plastic won't discolour or become brittle. Even CLEAR PARTS are OK to be cleaned with Clean Slate! No other remover can do that! Ultrasonic cleaner compatible.



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'Wellington Bomber'

By  Jim Hansen

15% Discount

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Despite the problems we have all faced in past months, great new kits continue to arrive at the Dave Coley Emporium. Among these is a range of 1/48 Roden kits which are truly impressive in quality and appearance. Some of our members are currently building some of these and we look forward to their reviews in due course. 


Dave Coley's model emporium now has huge stocks of plastic kits and accessories so I recommend a visit to his website (link below). It's good to have a UK outlet with good-prices and reasonable postage. Thank you Dave Coley for excellent service (as usual) and your support!






A 'review' of this much anticipated book will be posted soon!

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